Bruno Volpato

Senior Software Engineer in Raleigh, NC.

High-performance and hands-on engineer with more than 12 years of experience in software engineering, architecture, and development. I have an extensive background in data platforms and distributed systems, with the expertise to craft software with high performance, quality, security, and availability.

Specialties: Java, Python, Distributed Data Processing, Data Platform Design, Elasticsearch, Apache Beam/Dataflow, Couchbase, Google Cloud Platform, AWS, Microservices, Docker, Performance Tuning, Cloud Cost Optimization, Site Reliability Engineering


TOTVS Labs Senior Backend Engineer • Sept, 2015 — Present

Primarily focused on a Big Data Platform, developing a data access framework and different components for a high-volume and scalable data pipeline, including data onboarding, transformation, validation, enrichment, and distribution. Leveraged technologies such as NoSQL databases, search engines and streaming techniques to feed consumption engines that use Machine Learning to provide insights and intelligence to customers. Improvement and optimization of the Elasticsearch search engine (documents, indices, infrastructure, and queries) to provide full-text search on a multi-terabyte cluster with a good performance and effective cost. Planned and worked on two major migrations with zero down-time, such as Elasticsearch 2 to 5 and Elasticsearch 5 to 7. Designed and developed a solution to scale data ingestion and transformation, making it 20 times faster while reducing costs and making it deterministic and fully reproducible. Created a structure to provide reliable real-time feedback for users through streaming and WebSockets, even though events were fed by several distinct microservices with elastic scaling. Increased application performance through JVM and GC tuning techniques, and extensive application profiling.

Key technologies: Java, Elasticsearch, Couchbase, Dropwizard, Docker, Dataflow, Nats, Camel, Google Cloud, Pubsub

TOTVS S.A. Senior Software Engineer • Mar, 2009 — Aug, 2015

Primarily worked on a big ERP software, working on several parts of the product’s foundation, including the integration and communication layer that powered the biggest manufacturing companies in Latin America. Architect in several projects mostly focused on application integration pipelines, that required real-time performance and high availability. Provided internal tools that improved productivity, development process, and software quality, such as search engines for source code and database schemas and white box validators.

Key technologies: Java, Elasticsearch, Lucene, Spring, EJB, SQL, Oracle, Progress

Inteligencia Sistemas Java Developer • Apr, 2008 — Mar, 2009

Developed software in different areas and markets, from small business management, commercial automation, billing management, payment orders generation and software for electronic medical records. Developed a Customer Relationship Management software for elections and political parties, allowing productivity improvements of political campaigns through efficient software and marketing tools.

Key technologies: Java, Hibernate, Struts, MySQL, SQL, PHP


Java - Spring, Jersey, Dropwizard, EJB, JPA, JAX-RS, AspectJ, Tika, Rhino, Jackson, Fastjson, JVM Tuning, GC Profiling, Velocity, Maven

Data - Elasticsearch, Couchbase, BigQuery, SQL, Hive, Presto, MySQL, Oracle, Redis, Progress

Cloud - Docker, Cloudflare, Packer, Terraform, Jenkins, Kibana, Prometheus, Grafana, Google Cloud Platform (Storage, Dataflow, BigQuery, Compute), AWS (RDS, EC2, S3, Glacier, Route 53)

Processing - Apache Beam, Nats, Google Pubsub, Apache Camel, REST, SOAP, ActiveMQ

Languages - Java, Python, Go, JavaScript, Groovy, Shell Script, Scala, Flex/ActionScript, PHP

Web - HTML, CSS, Node.js, Angular, JsonPath, XML, Markdown

Miscellaneous and Interests - Eclipse IDE, Git, Machine Learning, Blockchain, Cryptography, TDD, Regular Expressions, Application Security, Web Crawlers


North Carolina State University, Bachelor of Science, Computer Science • 2020 — 2021

Wake Technical Community College, Associate in Engineering, 2020 • Honors

De Anza College, Associate's Degree, Computer Science • 2018 • Magna Cum Laude

Personal Projects

Lightning Social - Crawling social media and news sources to analyze mentions of cryptocurrency and stock tickers, with an algorithm to analyze relationships of mentions and prices, as well as identify event spikes in real-time providing a fast way to react.

Digesteroids - Library to convert data from different formats and structures to your Java POJOs in a natural way with transformation steps, supporting maps, JSON, XML, HTML.

Taskerbox - Lightweight automation engine, providing several components to automate daily tasks, such as events based on message queues, social media, crawlers, product/flight price finder, and triggering actions such as social media, email, SMS, Slack.


Improving Deep Neural Networks • (Coursera) • Jul, 2018

Neural Networks and Deep Learning • (Coursera) • Jun, 2018

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies • Princeton University (Coursera) • Apr, 2017

Oracle Certified Expert, Java EE 6 EJB Developer • Oracle Corporation • May, 2015

Oracle Certified Expert, Java EE 6 Web Component Developer • Oracle Corporation • Mar, 2014

Oracle Certified Professional, Java Programmer • Oracle Corporation • Apr, 2011